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BMW M Performance

Copyright office leaks new BMW trademarks

I’m not sure on why trademark filings these days seem to be so loose in quickly getting to the media but I’m actually glad for it since we can find out good stuff quicker. For example, when it comes to BMW, their most recent recording efforts are simply amazing. They’ve […]

by June 5, 2012 0 comments BMW Articles
7 years ago
2010 BMW M10

2010 BMW M10

On the internet have been released few details about 2010 BMW M10 but most of them will be found in this post. We heard first time about BMW M10 three years ago, in 2006. Through time BMW didn’t focused pretty much his attention on the M10 project; but through time, […]

by October 5, 2009 4 comments BMW Hybrids, Concept Cars
9 years ago