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BMW i8

BMW`s i8 Official Figures Released by US EPA

BMW`s i8 fans in the United States are now glad to receive the official figures with the plug-in hybrid, figures which has just been released by the US EPA. The US EPA results refer to the electric range of 15 miles, the MPGe, of 76 miles while the MPG combined, […]

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5 years ago
BMW i3 vs. Nissan Leaf vs. VW e-Golf

BMW i3 Face to Face with Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen e-Golf

The Autobild German magazine has recently compared the BMW i3 with the Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen e-Golf, the models being put face to face in an all-in one comparison, concerning prices, the cabin noise as well as the electric range. First to be reviewed was the Nissan Leaf, that […]

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Gets Video in London, UK

The BMW German based luxury automaker has launched a video with the i8 hybrid, the model being highlighted in London, while people got a chance of admiring it. People on the streets are expressing their thoughts about the all mighty BMW i8, while the specialists are also showcasing the real […]

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BMW 5 Series

Echo 5 Series BMW to be unveiled in Beijing

BMW has recently announced it’s plan for electric vehicles and further more they will be bringing forward a special edition of their latest 5 Series sedan. This 5 Series will be set apart from the rest of the BMW 5 Series range in being electric.

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