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8 Hilariously Wonderful Gift Ideas for Grand Parents Who Love to Travel

You might think just because they are old, granny and grandpops wouldn’t want to travel and enjoy life as it is. Maybe you’re wrong.

There are still a lot of senior couples who would still choose to be as outgoing as ever or would want to start to be for a good change. Here are some of the perfect gifts you can give them for keeps and for fun.

1. Hidden Flask Book

Gammy and Grandpops who love to drink and break some little rules every once in a while would also love you even more because of this clever gift. This is best for long roadtrips and romantic picnics. Just don’t forget to give a tiny wink as you hand this over to them.

2. The Coolest Grand Ma / Grandpa Hoodie

This is a must, simply because you have the coolest grandparents in the world and you have to let everyone know. This gift would excellent for long drives and cold camp nights.

3. The Binding Mittens

For couples who would want to hold hands in the cold, even inside their mittens. This gift is best for sweet couples of all ages. But it is way better to see on your grandparents.

4. Vanity Car Plate with a Short Note from You

A simple “U ROCK” or “GRNYSRYD” or something more hilarious than these are excellent presents for your traveler granny and grand pops. You can visit for more crazy clever personalized car plate ideas.

5. The Clapper – Just Clap on, clap off!

This one is not something for the travels but useful for the after-travels. When you granny and grand dad are both exhausted from the trip and they need a hand turn the lights off or on. All they need is a clap. Bravo, right?

6. Cooking Apron full of Gammy & Grampa Puns

“Kiss the cook” apron is a classic. But there are a lot of apron designs with pun intended on it that would definitely fit your beloved grand parents. This would be a nice present for them to use during long trip picnics and grills. Absolutely excellent for cool grannies and grandpas who love to cook for their grand children especially during escapades.

7. No Hands Book Stand

Let’s face it – grand parents travel for leisure, not much on too much adventure. A no-hands book stand is splendid for seasoned couples who love to read on a villa porch in front of the breath-taking view of the sea. What a life! What a vacation!

8. Compact Printer

This present is superb for grannies and grandpops who love to print out photos on-the-go, just any time and any place. Nothing beats some old printed memories, that’s what they believe – indeed they are right all along. You can check out some of the best compact printers on .

There you go! These above-mentioned suggestions are not the only great ones. There are a lot of other good stuff out there. You just have to be creative enough to find or make them. Give your grand parents the best and help them make the most out of every trip they take.


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