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Pristine E46 BMW M3 CLS Is up for Grabs at Hexagon Modern Classics, UK

The CSL version from the E46 BMW M3 was a real impressive ride that used to turn a lot of heads whenever cruising in style and revving its engine on the roads, and there are still models that can be bought at the right price.

Take for instance this pristine E46 BMW M3 CLS model, looking extremely hot with the new carbon fiber aero parts, the model being displayed at Hexagon Modern Classics, in the UK, and ready to find a new owner from 79,995 pounds.

There are a lot of advantages owning such a car. First of all, it is one of the 1,383 units ever built and second, it comes with just 20,200 miles on board, so we are practically dealing with almost a brand new car. Not to mention the heavy styling mods carried out and which makes it even more appealing and standout. Hence the hefty price.

As opposed to the regular model, this lad here is more lightweight, thanks to the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic materials, meaning that it weighs 10 percent less than the original 3,054 pounds. The model comes with unique features like GFP roof panel with front bumper, while the rear features the same carbon fiber-reinforced plastic on the bumper supports. Also, the rear window glass has been also replaced, now looking much thinner.

Being as light as it can, this is also an advantage especially if it packs the same S54 engine, but now coming with a tuned-up 360 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque, making it extremely fast. Unfortunately, we do not have the official performance figure, but I guess that wouldn’t matter at this point. Meanwhile, enjoy the media gallery and the video with the model being displayed and explained at Hexagon Modern Classics, UK. Would you buy it for the staggering price?


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