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BMW i8 Roadster Is a Certain Fact, Other Plug-in Hybrids Will Follow

BMW is planning to expand its plug-in hybrid and full-electric model lineup by launching new and more driver-focused vehicles.

We are dealing here with the carmaker`s new business plan which was presented during the Annual Accounts Press Conference, taking place in Munich.

There aren’t too many facts to reveal about BMW`s master plan, but what we did find out is that the carmaker is planning to introduce the all-new i8 Roadster, which is “a revolutionary new BMW i model that will raise premium individual mobility to previously unknown levels.”

Besides the new BMW i8 Roadster, BMW has also confirmed the building of a new generation of i3 versions, which will come with a bigger battery pack and extended mile range. Again, there isn’t much to tell at this point. Additionally, a new MINI plug-in hybrid might also set along the i8 Roadster.

Another plan that BMW is tipped off to carry on in a couple of years is the turning of some of its M models into real green vehicles. This doesn’t mean that the M models will be deprived of what they know best: to deliver extraordinary power and exceptional driving capabilities, becoming at the same time more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.


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