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BMW i3s and BMW C Scooters Delivered for EXPO 2015, in Milan

Milan is preparing for a big anual event, the EXPO 2015, an occasion which also gives BMW Italia the opportunity of delivering four BMW i3 models and six BMW C evolution scooters to the Minister of the Interior and to Alessandro Pansa, the Superintedent of Police. The delivery was carried out at the Viminal Palace in Rome.

All BMW vehicles will wear the State Police livery and will be loaned free of charge, with BMW Italia also providing two fixed recharging stations. Sergio Solero, the CEO of BMW Italia, brags the quality of the BMW vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, being considered one of the greatest vehicles in terms of innovation and technology under the hood.

BMW Italia at the Viminal Palace in Rome

BMW Italia at the Viminal Palace in Rome

“Today we are particularly proud to be able to put our most advanced products in this sense at the service of the State Police in order to contribute to guaranteeing safety during an event that is extraordinarily important for our country like the EXPO 2015, and to be able to do this with two- and four-wheeled vehicles that have zero impact on the environment and that are aligned with the themes of the event itself,” Solero also concluded.

BMW Italia at the Viminal Palace in Rome

BMW Italia at the Viminal Palace in Rome

The BMW i3 is the company`s first electric vehicle, packing great technology under the hood, thanks to its electric motor, which provides 170 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. The motor is backed by a lithium-ion battery, which sends the power to the rear wheels. The model also comes with a topping of 150 km/h and a 130 km mile range.

On the other hand, the BMW C evolution scooter is a genuine display of “e-mobility on two wheels.” This means that we are talking about a permanent liquid-cooled 11 kW synchronous motor, which develops 48 horsepower. The C comes with a top speed of 120 km/h, capable of achieve acceleration rates higher than the ones achieved by the common combustion engine scooters.


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