BMW and Brilliance will work together for 10 more years

Recent news indicate that the collaboration between the German car maker BMW and its Chinese counterpart, Brilliance, has been extended for an additional 10 years.

This was not an expected move, as the contract between the two was set to run for 4 more years before it needed renewal.

BMW Brilliance partnership

BMW Brilliance partnership

As you might have known, any foreign manufacturer that desires to build and sell its products on the Chinese market has to enter a partnership with a local company, and for BMW, that company is Brilliance. The Chinese government also forbids outside brands to have more the 50% of the Chinese counterpart shares.

Taking all this into consideration, BMW decided that the best course of action will be to extend the collaboration contract for 10 more years, until 2028. Still, there are those that think this is not quite wise of BMW, as reports have already started coming in about Brilliance borrowing design elements from BMW for use in their own creations.


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