BMW i3 Prototype spied again

Christmas cheer all around. While I am a little disappointed in how BMW didn’t give us all free E92 M3 sedans this year, the Bavarians are still working on a few tricks.

As part of the more interesting toys coming in the future, the i lineup clearly stands out. It’s certainly the fuel economy bit that is what people will crave more and more.

BMW i3 spyshot

BMW i3 spyshot

That’s one of those annoying facts we just can’t seem to get away from these days. Since BMW have quite the history for engines that produce more power and use less, the i range still has a lot of appeal.

It’s not going to be all economy boxes that will look disgusting and have very few places where they feel adequate.

Even without BMW marketing the back sides out of these products I’d want to see them on the road. I’d want to see them on the road right now actually.

BMW i3 spyshot

BMW i3 spyshot

Which is what we have in these spyshots. It’s a bit of a shame that the i3 hatchback portrayed in them isn’t really as visible as we like em.

There’s just too much camouflage on this i3 Prototype. Don’t we all know how the car looks or what it’s about to be powered by.

The carbon fiber collaboration with Boeing they recently announced might not be the first place where this is shown off.

BMW i3 spyshot

BMW i3 spyshot

Knowing the main idea behind the project is to actually recycle the rare lightweight material, it would be a nice bonus to the green credentials to list.


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