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BMW interested in buying De Tomaso

The company we’re most interested in could be readying a surprise by expressing a desire to buy a company that’s also very interesting.

Sounds like something complicated beyond reason. It isn’t really. As the grapevine tells us, the Bavarians are interested in purchasing De Tomaso.

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

De Tomaso is one of those Italian sportscar brands that could never really manage their finances. Since its founding in the late 50s and up to a few months ago, nobody managed to keep it afloat.

We’d feel ashamed if we didn’t say BMW could, even before they tried. Currently, the company is under the Italian Government’s management until a new owner is found.

The Italians want to sell De Tomaso’s structural assets no later then the middle of October. Currently the talks feature BMW as well as some other Italian partners.

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

We’re not sure if these would be new or former partners of the brand and nor do we have any idea on the sot of effect this could have on the deal with BMW.

The history of De Tomaso is littered with shady management but the cherry on top is actually the latest of the re-inventors of the company; Gian Mario Rossignolo.

He used to work for Fiat, turned his attention to De Tomaso and is currently in Police custody. There’s quite the file on him.

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

De Tomaso Deauville Concept

What is the most unpleasant part however is the alleged “misuse of public fund” accusation. As for BMW they are currently not commenting on the situation.

Not that long ago, the Bavarians say they had no interest in De Tomaso.


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