BMW readies a facelift for Z4 roadster

We we’re recently promised a considerably sportier generation of the BMW Z4 and the Bavarians will keep that promise.

In the meantime, if you don’t mind, I’d stick with the current generation at any time. I may be getting old and a fan of the slightly grown up GT idea but I promise you, it’s an amazing car.

BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

Further more, it should get a little cheaper on the second hand market as we grab a second look at these images containing something almost unexpected.

It seems that before the 2015 scheduled sporty makeover, BMW will be giving the Z4 a small nip tuck. You know how it is in your old age

You start looking into the Botox treatments, maybe a little bit of lipo, just in case you aren’t ready for a hair transplant.

BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

With the BMW Z4 roadster, the Bavarians are thinking a little bit less ambitious. The spyshots indicate there’s simply a matter of make up.

A little mascara goes on the headlights, the cheeks get a little extra red as the fender indicators are covered and round at the back a new haircut.

New engines? Not likely, new interior? Even less of a chance, what we do expect the newly facelifted Z4 is a price tag raising.

BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

BMW Z4 facelift spyshots

After all, added LED lights don’t come cheap do they? Nor does a brand new BMW, especially one that’s a little more exclusive.

Who knows, maybe in all the competitiveness of the current luxury segment situation BMW might actually refrain from any extra charges.


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