Customized BMW X3 in 1 Week Directly from the Plant

Good news for the American fans of the 2011 BMW X3. Since the German model will be built in the South Carolina plant, delivery times will be shorted dramatically, and this will make the people who want a custom built BMW X3 very, very happy.

2011 BMW X3

2011 BMW X3

There are two versions available to choose from, both with an automatic gearbox: the X3 xDrive28i, featuring a 3-litre engine that sports 240 hp and 230 lb/ft of torque, going from 0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds and the X3 xDrive35i, featuring a direct fuel injection twin turbo 3-litre engine, sporting 300 hp and 300 lb/ft of torque, reaching the 60 mph mark in 5.5 seconds (with the Sport Package).

Instead of ordering a 2011 BMW X3 from the dealership and being limited to it’s offers, why not order your own customized version which can be at your doorstep in as little as a week since the plant gets your order, instead of several. You will be able to choose from new trim options or paint and other features not available in the catalog.

Prices yet to be announced.


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